Tuesday, October 18, 2011

how to study engineering economics in the last minute.

are you an engineering student, taking engineering economy? do you suddenly realized that you will have an engineering economy test tomorrow?

there are only 3 chapters included in the first test. but being an engineering student, you would think that tests are extremely hard, especially when it involves economics.

you would want to read the book, but it is too thick, you would never have enough time to actually read, understand nor practice those 3 chapters.

but fear not my friend, i have the solution.

read the lecture notes! oh, now you realized that each note have about 40-60 slides. since engineering lecture notes usually only consists of 20 slides, it is an impossible mission to finish around 150 slides in one night.

so what to do?

albert einstein did propose to us the relativity theory. in that theory, everything is relative, including time. so there must be a way to fasten, or make the time actually slower.

so this is my proposed solution.

1. prepare your books and notes on your table (or wherever you are comfortable to study).

2. click this link. you will be directed to a music video.

3. the video is not important, the music is. you can minimize the window, study engineering economics while listening to the song.

4. by now, you would feel that time passes very, very slowly. so, you have enough time to study for the test.

why don't you give it a try? all the best for everyone in tomorrow's test.


yeah nyan cat is really annoying. for 5 hours, you can go haywire before even starting the test.