Wednesday, May 30, 2012


akhirnya, setelah menanti selama empat tahun setengah, berjaya jugak aku mencapai tahap dekan. alhamdulillah. terima kasih kepada semua yang banyak membantu aku masa semester lepas.

tinggal lagi satu semester, harap-harap berjaya diharungi. :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

ahli kelab kahwin ke4.

pada hujung minggu yang lepas, telah berkahwin lagi seorang ahli batch 0206 soksek. kali ni farhana, atau lebih dikenali sebagai kak long, punya giliran. beliau telah selamat berkahwin dengan pilihan hati beliau, zool ikhsan.

edit: silap amek gambar. argh malu. dicuri dari fb jugak

tahniah! semoga bahagia sampai bila-bila. :)

jangan tanya bila aku punya turn. lambat lagi uwaaa

Sunday, May 20, 2012

semester mei 2012: semester akhir

esok bermulalah semester baru. semester mei 2012. untuk kebanyakkan penuntut kursus kejuruteraan pengambilan julai 2007 dan julai 2008, semester ni adalah semester terakhir. wow, dah dekat 5 tahun dah duduk utp rupanya.

disebabkan perubahan struktur pembelajaran di utp, batch kami disuruh menjalani tahun akhir dalam 3 semester. sebagai pelajar yang mengikut struktur kurikulum, aku dah pening. macam mana nak bahagi 30 jam kredit untuk 3 semester?


a) semester satu: 15 jam kredit
b) semester dua: 11 jam kredit
c) semester tiga: 4 jam kredit

ini menerangkan sebab apa aku tak sempat nak kemaskini blog sepanjang dua sem lepas. hahaha alasan~

habis tu, semester ni, subjek apa yang aku ambil? ini print screen ringkasan pendaftaran subjek aku untuk semester mei 2012 ni:

ya, projek tahun akhir sahaja. yeah!

oleh itu, secara kasar, inilah jadual untuk semester mei 2012:

pagi sampai petang, FYP saja.

tapi, disebabkan dah tahun akhir, jadual aku yang sebenarnya macam ni haa:

kalau aku tak boleh siapkan FYP dalam satu semester, aku tak tau nak cakap apa. hehe.

kepada junior, selamat mengharungi semester baru! kepada teman-teman seperjuangan, semoga kita menghabiskan pengajian kita dengan penuh kejayaan, insyaAllah.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

friends with benefits.

before we start with my ranting tonight:

picture stolen from 9gag. 

ok, here we go.

first of all, i am with the majority. avengers is a very good movie. but the scene just before everybody fight each other (refer the picture above if you still haven't watch the movie anyway), made me think.

well, since it is rare for me to think nowadays, i think i should blog about this.

unless you are the forever alone guy, there are many reasons why people would consider to be your friend.

why me?

some of them would be attracted to the personality, energy that you brought, or you might be a dependable person. but those alone is not the only reasons. there are also some people who wanted to befriend you just for their own sake. this is what we call friends with benefit.

a popular example of this is kind of friendship is a friendship that based on wealth. "i hate walking. if i befriend this guy, he can always take me around with his car." or maybe, "i'm always short of money. he can lend me some of his money when i need it'.

but this kind of friendship usually did not last long. if suddenly this 'friend' become poor, he will lose all his friends, sadly.

as university students, there is another type of people, who other would crave to befriend. and they are the smart students. smart students are students who are excel in their studies, obviously.

these people are sought usually to help in finishing the assignments, tutorials, and also to teach during the tests and final exams.

now, that is not a bad thing.

here's the problem with smart people; sometimes, they tend to be arrogant. starting to be choosy and what not. declining to share their knowledge with needy people, by giving excuses.

"i still haven't finished studying."
"i still didn't cover that topic yet."
"this chapter is very hard, i am having a hard time understanding this."

all of this is said just before the test/exams. then, when the results released, that same person got the highest marks.

wtf. seriously, wtf?

it may be a case of a person trying to be humble. he might want to say that he did not have all the knowledge, as the our knowledge is very little compared to the Knowledge of God. but still, he should not bluff, telling lies all around.

is it really hard for them to just admit that they did not want to teach? if they explained clearly (if it is really the case), if they wanted to have some time for themselves, without any disturbance, i think most of us would understand, and accept that. we are not impatient ignorant, who always rush for things that we want.

fine, if you still want to behave arrogantly, you should remember this: people only sought you because of you are a smart ass. they only could stand your attitude because of the benefits that you can provide them.  if God Almighty decided to test you one day by erasing some of your knowledge, then we shall see who are still willing to be your friend.

exactly, why am i here again?
unless you are the IronMan (again, refer to the first picture above), all my ranting is useless.

i am sorry for my terrible choice of words. i am very busy this week. final exam yo! then again, i am not sorry for what i have wrote tonight. hahaha.

the thing is, be yourself and remember, you can always lie to other people, but don't lie to yourself.

ok that's the end of my rantings. time to return to reading for my final undergraduate final exam as an UTP student. damn time flies soooooo fast~

till i'm on my rage mood again, see you all.